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Healthy Black Grapes & Leaves

In the Oeno File: 2017 is a harvest that European vintners will dread for years to come. Spring frost, isolated hailstorms and an extreme heat wave during harvest left the world's three largest wine producing countries with one of the smallest harvests. And many South American producers did not fare much better. By Manos Angelakis                      Read More...

Olive Branch with Green Olives l

In Gastronomy:  At the Summer Fancy Food Show one of the products most frequently featured in Mediterranean country stands was Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Olive oil is one of the products that have been produced and traded around the Mediterranean since time immemorial. Five thousand years ago there was a lively trade of oil between Pharaonic Egypt and the Minoan civilization of Crete. By Manos Angelakis           Read More..

Menorca Cavalleria lighthouse

Also in Destinations: Menorca has a lot to say. The island is an open-air museum, offering a range of geologic and historic sites, from megalithic Bronze Age monuments to gunnery stations built to fight Franco during the Spanish Civil War. Menorcans of the Bronze Age took the art of working in stone to a high level. By John Coyne                    Read More...

Rat's Entrance Small

In Restaurants: We arrived at the Grounds For Sculpture on a perfect early-fall day when the garden was still in full bloom. We stopped at the Patio of the Lounge at Rat’s Restaurant thinking we might have a cocktail, but stomach won over view, and we proceeded to one of the delightfully decorated dinning rooms for dinner.   By B. and M. Angelakis                 Read More...

Albuquerque hot air balloon Small

In Destinations: Albuquerque is open for business! It is a city on the rise that is positioning itself to be “the smart city of tomorrow”. Here people think big and are passionate about creating; it’s a place where transformational ideas come to life. The city is transforming into an entrepreneurial hub offering millennials and budding entrepreneurs job opportunities with racial equality and affordable lifestyle.  By Babbie De Derian    Read More...

Bruno Pallard Small

Also in the Oeno File: Some of the Champagnes that I find irresistible come from Bruno Paillard. For those that don’t know the Maison Bruno Paillard: it is a medium sized innovative producer that offers in the US 3 distinct styles of non-vintage Champagne, a Première Cuvée, a Rosé Première Cuvée and a Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru. By Manos Angelakis     Read More...

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