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James Beard Foundation Assorted-Savory-Cones Small

In Gastronomy: It is truffle season! French gastronome writer Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin called truffles "the diamond of the kitchen". A few days ago I was invited to the Mecca for American gastronomes, the James Beard House, for a truffle dinner to celebrate the launch of Canvas Blanc de Blancs Spumante, a sparkling addition to the Canvas wines.  By M. Angelakis       Read More..

Hotel Angmagssalik majestic glacier Small

Also in Hotels & Resorts: The dictionary definition may not allow leeway, but in some circumstances "luxury" is a relative term. A case in point is the Hotel Angmagssalik in Tasiilaq.  While it would rate as modest, compared to customary five-star standards, it is the "all-star" accommodation in Greenland. By Sharon King Hoge         Read More...

Acadian Food Pantry and Palate Small

In The Bookshelf: Ethnic cuisine is an expression of the history and culture of a specific group in response to terroir and climatic conditions, trade connections, religious beliefs, and community history. The “Pantry and Palate” book by Simon Thibault, delves into the culinary history of the Acadians, the earliest European settlers of Eastern Canada. Read More...

Morocco Riad Small

In Hotels & Resorts: Portugal has its Posadas, Spain its Paradors. Greece has its Island Traditional Houses, Turkey has Cave Hotels in Cappadocia, and Morocco has its Riads located in the Medina or Old Walled Town. Each country has found a way to introduce visitors to its authentic culture, for travelers who seek to submerge themselves in the ancient ways. By Barbara Angelakis         Read More...

Wines from my cellar bin Small

In the Oeno File: Wines from my cellar. Just like Malbec Argentina’s signature grape which is nowadays rarely seen in its source French vineyards, Carmenère is another French cultivar that is also very rarely seen now in France but has come to be now considered as Chile’s signature grape. Also wines from Italy and Israel. By Manos Angelakis     Read More...

Gift Guide Small

In 2017 Gift Guide: It feels like just last week it was 70 degrees and now I’m working on our Holiday Gift Guide. So it’s not time that flies but the changing weather patterns that cause the holidays to sneak up on us. For this year’s guide I am concentrating on items that help the women in our lives to maintain their youthful appearance.  By the staff        Read More...

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