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Invincible: A Tribute to Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – affectionately called the King of Pop - is one of the most beloved, albeit controversial entertainers of all time. Michael was born into a large musical family so it was not unexpected that he would have latent talent but even at an early age his enormous abilities stood out above the rest. He broke into show business in the early 1960’s at the tender age of 8 when he joined with his four older brothers to become the lead singer for The Jackson 5. History was made when the group first performed on the weekly Ed Sullivan show - a show that the entire country tuned into – making the group an instant national success.

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By the time Michael was 21 years old, he was a solo artist singing and dancing his way into the hearts of the world. Sadly, like too many adored performers before him, he was unable to handle the fame, wealth and isolation fostered on him and he was tragically taken from us way too soon. INVINCIBLE: A Tribute to Michael Jackson and his enduring talent has been brought to the stage by Producer Darrin Ross and was performed to an appreciative and cheering crowd at the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday May 27, 2023. 

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INVINCIBLE is a multi-media performance of live over video action with two artists taking the role of Michael.

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Jeffrey Perez sings Michael and Pete Carter performs his inimitable style of dance along with a nimble troupe of hip-hop acrobatic dancers. Adding to the action was Michael’s longtime friend and choreographer Lavelle Smith Jr. who choreographed the complex dance routines that were always such a major part of Michael’s performances.  A live musical combo and four back-up singers complete the on-stage cast.

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Pete Carter did an admirable job of copying Michael’s style of dance including the crowd pleasing crotch grab while Jeffrey Perez was not only spot on musically he also captured Michael’s posturing to a tee. The ensemble contributed to a rousing rendition of “Beat It” that had the audience on its feet while “Thriller” was to my mind disappointing.

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What was not disappointing was a musical interlude with beatboxing artist Sean Roy which brought me to my feet screaming with delight. Kudos to this super terrific talent with his ability to wow an audience.

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The Lehman Center for the Performing Arts gave full rein to the merchandising efforts of the production company making available for sale every conceivable item that could possibly relate to the artist and the crowd of past, present and future fans ate it up. There was even an opportunity to pose for pictures with members of the cast after the performance ended. So a good time and memories to last was had by one and all.




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