Story and photos by Manos Angelakis
Club House and Circuit photos courtesy of Ascari Race Resort

Ascari Super Car Academy

Gentlemen... Start your Engines!

If you are a car racing aficionado, you will agree that some of the most  exciting driving happens in the Formula One (F1) international circuit.

F1 is the highest class of single-seat auto racing sanctioned by the  Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). The F1 season consists  of a series of races held worldwide on purpose-built F1 circuits and, in a few cases, public roads as in the famous Monaco Grand Prix. The cars  are capable of lateral acceleration in excess of five G.

Ascari Circuit A

Spanish drivers have been very prominent in F1 racing and during our Andaluz trip we were lucky enough to visit the Ascari Club and racing track near Ronda, Málaga.

Ascari F car

If you ever wished to emulate the awesome driving of Giuseppe Farina,  Stirling Moss, Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton, the Ascari Race Resort is the place to hone your skills; it is where the famous and incredibly fast go to play. The full circuit is almost 3.4 miles long, with a  consistent width of 12.2 meters; it is a private track which allows  experienced drivers to indulge their passion for speed in a fairytale  setting among southern Spain's magnificent mountains. The layout was  inspired by some of the greatest corners on the greatest circuits in the world. A resort in the truest sense, the facility has an exceptional  range of amenities, including a luxury club house, health spa and beauty center, driving range, clay shooting range, swimming pool, outstanding  restaurant and bars.

Ascari Club Owned Cars

"The philosophy behind this circuit is to give people the opportunity to  play with their supercars - or our cars for that matter, right up to  Formula One level - in a club setting" says Klaas Zwaart, the guiding  light and owner of the facility.

Ascari Club House Aerial

The day we visited, the club and track were empty and we were not allowed  to photograph any of the privately owned racing autos in the facility.  The images in the story are of club-owned vehicles. It has been reported that the membership fees for a 25 year club membership cost approximately €150,000 with an annual fee of €10,000. This entitles you and three family members to 50 track days a year and 12 guest driver passes. Plus preferential access to the track, a safe place to park and maintain your race car, an Andaluz-style Club House offering gourmet meals, your own exclusive custom racing equipment and preferential conditions for each of their services. Additionally, club membership  allows you to enjoy preferential use of facilities at a selection of  recommended venues along the coastline. You will also be invited to  Ascari’s most exclusive events, such as upcoming high-end car  presentations. Less expensive packages starting at €1,000 for 1/2 day in a reserved car plus 1 companion are also available on a daily or  monthly basis.

Carretera de Ronda - Campillos, KM 30.5
Ronda (Málaga)




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