Story and photos by Manos Angelakis

Fox Harb'r Reception

Fox Harb’r Resort
1337 Fox Harbour Road
Wallace, Nova Scotia
Canada BOK 1YO

Most hotels I have recently visited have chef’s gardens where the herbs and  aromatics used in their kitchen grow and can be harvested at a moment’s  notice by the chef and his staff. A growing number have become more  ambitious and are now attempting to grow as many of the kitchen  ingredients they need as possible, close by. A good example was a resort in Phuket, Thailand, where, in addition to a very large chef’s garden  full of herbs, they also grow on the grounds numerous leafy greens for  salads, have a large mushroom shed where oyster, shitake and button  mushrooms grow, and a large chicken and duck coop that provides the  kitchen with fresh birds at the height of taste. They even have goats that are milked; the milk used in the morning coffee.

At our recent visit to Fox Harb’r Resort in Nova Scotia, I found this to  be another resort with an outstanding kitchen that attempts to grow at  the property as many of the herbs, greens and salads as are needed, plus they stock a trout pond where fat trout are caught fly-fishing for  sport (then they are released back to the pond) or for the kitchen (see Fox Harbâ’r Resort).

Fox Harb'r Hairloom Tomatoes on Vine

Creative Executive Chef Shane Robilliard along with master horticulturist  Michael Stewart have developed sustainable farming methods and grow  veggies for the kitchen and flowers for decorations in extensive  hot-houses on the campus. The sea also provides lobsters and other  seafood harvested from the waters near the property, so the kitchen’s  self-sufficiency is very close to optimal.

Fox Harb'r Petit Fours

I found that kitchen exceptional, with tasty recipes that showcase the  freshness of the ingredients. Eye appeal also seemed to be as important  as taste-bud appeal. When plating, considerable care was taken with the  design of the dish as well as the ingredient color combination and  balance. And that was true, whether what was prepared was an appetizer, a salad, a main course or a dessert.

Fox Harb'r Surf-and-Turf

From a surf-and-turf to a charcuterie platter, fish and chips or an  elaborate chocolate dessert or petit-fours; everything was appealing as  well as very tasty. From the breakfast buffet, through lunch, afternoon  indulgences to dinner, the meals were well planned and, in our case,  well attended. There were nice local wines, both white and red from Jost Vineyards and Domaine de Grand Pré, as well as local beers.

Nova Scotia Fox Harb'r lobster boil

Very memorable was the evening when we were invited to an al fresco lobster  boil. Numerous lobsters were caught by the hotel’s boat, boiled in a  mixture of fresh and sea water and spices, de-shelled and brought to the table to be devoured with sides of red potato and egg salad,  corn-on-the-cob, as well as seared, sesame encrusted salmon and pickled, shelled mussels. Absolutely delectable!

We enjoyed the food and our stay at the resort and came back a couple pounds up.

But, as long as the food is great, who cares!!!

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