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Amsterdam Jonk's Fish Stand

Foodie Paradise.

From Michelin-stared restaurants to street food stands, Amsterdam is a foodie Paradise!

It has been a long time since my last visit to this charming city, and the gastronomic underpinnings have changed, at least as far as the higher  levels of local gastronomy are concerned; much of the street food though has remained practically the same, starring new herring and smoked eel  at the pinnacle. 

Amsterdam Fish Kiosk

What was unexpected was the high quality of street food that we encountered.

We were in Amsterdam to board Uniworld’s River Queen for a river cruise that started in that city, traveled up and down the  Mosel river and continued on the Rhine to Basel, Switzerland.

In my past visits, more than 35 years ago, I found that sandwiches of new  herring and smoked eel were sold from pushcarts on the street. I loved  having them for lunch. I hoped to again find the same kind of easy and  delectable meal.

Amsterdam Fish-Peddler's Street Kiosk

I was disappointed not to find the street peddlers, but what I found were kiosks that sold the sandwiches as well as “fish & chips”, lightly  smoked salmon, steamed baby shrimp etc. I also found that the reason  there are so few of the street fish-peddlers around is that the law has  changed and one can no longer set up selling fish for immediate  consumption without a license; licenses are not given anymore but  existing ones can be inherited, and the stand we found was there for the third generation.

Amsterdam Cheese Bar

In addition to the street food and Michelin-starred restaurants, we also  found numerous neighborhood storefronts selling such delectables as  assorted cheeses, hams and smoked sausages, pastries and breakfast  specialties, and more. We tried a few, tasting free samples that were  liberally dispensed to perspective purchasers. The quality was very high and the variety remarkable.

Yes, Amsterdam is a foodie Paradise, and we took full advantage of what was available.

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