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Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Finally, after two plus long years, we are looking forward to a Holiday Season filled with the joy of… normalcy!  Did we ever realize what a gift normal was?  Of course it will not be the same normal as it was before Covid and you can’t stuff a fireplace stocking with “normal” but it is surely one of the gifts we can share with our loved ones this season.  Many of us have walked through years of fear and physical separation and there are so many that are still suffering from the results of isolation, fear, illness and loss, but it is a beginning, and one that we welcome with open arms. Even though we are still in the clutches of the pandemic we now have methods for fighting and surviving what now appears to be an ongoing battle.

So with the mundane in mind, let us introduce a few products that you can consider adding to your holiday gift list or stocking stuffer goodies.

Bonnie and Pop Dried Fruit

Bonnie and Pop Basket

Well, the items Bonnie & Pop produce are too big to fit into stockings but they are perfect for holiday gift giving, be it for Hanukah, Christmas or Kwanzaa. Bonnie & Pop is a locally owned Mother and Daughter company that delivers fresh, wholesome products gift boxed. All of their dried fruits and collections of nuts and candies, come packaged in practical reusable containers. The dried fruit display arrived on a flat wooden tray that expands into an appealing fruit basket; the medley of nuts arrived in a wooden box that is suitable for display, maintains freshness, and makes a tidy container to hold small kitchen or office items once the nuts are eaten. Their candy collections are housed in tins of various sizes and reasonably priced at $20 to $60

Tub Shroom

Sink Shroom.jpeg

Neither luxury, expensive nor romantic but a really helpful tool for bathrooms and kitchens is the JUKA Kitchen SinkShroom, Bathroom SinkShroom and TubShroom. All of these items are made from high-grade stainless steel and fit snugly in the orifices they were designed for. By catching debris and hair they prevent clogged drains and the need to use harmful liquid cleaners to clear out pipes or expensive plumber calls for backed-up drains that always seem to happen on a Friday night or holiday weekend rendering unusable tubs or sinks for days before a plumber can be reached.  Periodically remove the appliance, wipe off with a tissue and replace, it really works and is a big help in a little package. Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s  and Amazon are  good sources but for the full product line contact JUKA directly at

veggiesaver package

Another inexpensive but helpful kitchen tool is the Veggie Saver, a non toxic, reusable, natural, scientifically proven bag that keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for weeks. Keeping perishables fresh and crisp allows fewer trips to the grocery store and less waste. What homemaker wouldn’t want a way to preserve produce until they can be consumed in the same condition in which they were purchased? Now there is a way. Veggie Saver can be purchased at

Canus Products

Another excellent and affordable product line is NATURE BY CANUS, a Canadian based company that was developed to sell in both Canada and the U.S., hence the name. CANUS produces natural plant-based ingredients such as soaps, lotions and body washes formulated with the addition of goat’s milk which is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and triglycerides. All their products are dermatologically tested and guaranteed with natural ph, hypo-allergenic and a not irritant. For those that like fragrance there are a variety of healthy scents such as Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, Orchid Flower Extract, and Eucalyptus Mint. And for those that prefer no scent, the products are available Fragrance Free.  Products are sold at Walmart or for full product line visit


Exfoliating body bars seem to be a big trend this year and in the case of DR. TUSK products, contain charcoal powder, pumice, hemp seed oil and scent. This beauty trend reminds me of my recent trip to Morocco where I saw huge piles of black gooey stuff in all the souks and markets and when I inquired as to its purpose, I was told it was soap. I experienced the benefits of this exfoliating soap and described it in my article (link so I can personally attest to its effectiveness. DR. TUSK is a producer of moderately priced skin and hair care products for both men and women that use plant-based ingredients in their vegan skincare line.  They use sustainably sourced hemp seed oil, fair trade caffeine, aloe vera, charcoal, and other natural ingredients that are good for your skin, and great for our planet. Dr. Tusk also donates a percentage of proceeds to charities that specialize in the conservation and preservation of Elephants. Products are available in many main-line stores or on line at

Camus Borderies XO

The final suggestions are personal favorites of ours, Camus Cognacs. We enjoy tremendously both the VSOP and the XO. These exceptional eaux-de-vie from the Borderies Cognac area are distiled from single estate grapes from the smallest and rarest of the cognac growing regions. Both are orange/light brown hued with mahogany highlights. The floral nose offers tones of dried flowers, raisins and dates, prunes and violets. Both show a powerful but smooth mid-palate with the XO being much smoother than the VSOP. They are priced at about $200 for the XO and $53 for the VSOP depending on the retailer. They are well worth every penny!

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