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Fox Harb'r Reception

Fox Harb’r Resort
1337 Fox Harbour Road
Wallace, Nova Scotia
Canada BOK 1YO

Fox Harb’r is a gem of a resort located in the north central part of the  Canadian Province of Nova Scotia among the breathtaking scenery of the  Northumberland Shore. Fox Harbr is the brainchild of native son, Ron V. Joyce, C.M., a hugely successful Canadian entrepreneur. Ron’s vision  was to create an exclusive, secluded, luxury resort community that  offers every amenity one could wish for including its own private  airfield, world-class golf, award-winning spa, and locally sourced  gourmet dining. 

The Province of  Nova Scotia is a peninsula, that lies at the eastern tip of Canada and  is attached to the mainland by a 35 mile shared border with New  Brunswick, one of the four maritime communities including Newfoundland  & Labrador and Prince Edward Island that comprise the region known  as Atlantic Canada. Atlantic Canada is a culturally diverse region, with the founding cultures of English and French, along with the indigenous  Mi’kmaq and other First Nation tribes, giving this area a vibrant  personality all its own.

Fox Harb'r Marina & Lighthouse

You can reach the ultra-luxe Fox Harb’r Resort by land, sea or air. Arrive  by yacht to their deep-water marina scenically overlooked by its classic lighthouse. The Marina is a world-class 25-slip facility that can  accommodate all sizes of craft up to 80 feet in length.

Fox Harb'r Airstrip

Or, travel by private jet to their on-site airstrip and jet port for the  ultimate in privacy required by notables the likes of Bill Clinton,  George W. Bush, General Colin Powell, UK Prime Ministers John Major and  Tony Blair, not to mention Prince Edward, and mega celebrities such as  Tiger Woods and Wayne Gretzky. Or you can drive from virtually anywhere  in Canada or the U.S. Or, fly via commercial airline into Halifax’s  international airport and enjoy a 90 minute scenic drive to the  Northumberland Shore, with its rugged landscapes and expansive  oceanfront.

Fox Harb'r Golfcourse & Golfcarts

Once at Fox Harb’r you will have over 1,000 acres to explore. If golf is  your game follow your hearts desire on a course that challenges both  your game and your enjoyment of nature’s bounty. The course’s architect  was the renowned Graham Cooke, a Golf Hall of Fame member, who designed  the outward nine to meander through forest, wetlands and rock-lined  lakes; while the inward nine has the flavor of a Scottish course with a  breathtaking seascape as its backdrop. The course was rated as Canada’s  Best New Course by Golf Digest on its opening, and later as one of the  Top 20 Golf Resorts in North America and the Caribbean. While I was  luxuriating in the spa’s hot tub I was joined by a group of gentlemen  that along with their wives had traveled from Toronto to experience this highly rated course… their only disappointment was that they didn’t  schedule more tee time before returning home.

Fox Harb'r Trout Fishing

Any number of athletic pursuits is available on-site; horseback riding  through forest or along rugged coastline; biking or hiking on designated trails along the seawall or on the path called The Foxtrot. Try your  hand at catching trout at the fully stocked trout ponds but be warned,  these fish are smart and know how to play hard to get. But if you do  hook one, you can always hand it over to Executive Chef Shane Robilliard who, we were told, is quite an expert at catching them himself.

Care for a game of tennis on regulation courts overlooking the  Northumberland Strait or go kayaking in the calm inland bay but watch  the time as the tides are legendary; or go for a pontoon boat ride at  sunset before digging in to a lobster cookout at the dockside under the  lighthouse.

Fox Harb'r Skeet Shooting

Plan a visit to the Sporting Lodge, welcoming with its floor-to-ceiling  fireplace and deep comfy leather furnishings. The site was designed by  England’s World Sporting Clays Champion George Digweed, and includes an  Archery stand and equipment for ages 6 years and up, plus 12 clay  sporting stations, a 5-stand layout and a skeet shooting range. Targets  are thrown at different angles and speeds to accommodate anyone from  beginner to expert. And if you are a first-timer you will find friendly  and helpful experts like Peter Phillips to guide you through the process safely and for maximum enjoyment; or Jamie Baxter to teach fly-fishing  techniques or any of the other pleasurable pursuits available at Fox  Harb’r.

Fox Harb'r Spa Pool

And speaking of pleasurable pursuits don’t miss the opportunity to be  pampered at the Dol-ás Spa & Wellness Centre. Indulge yourself in a  therapeutic or beauty treatment chosen from a comprehensive list of  state-of- the-art treatments suited to address all skin types and body  issues. The well designed spa has access via the dressing rooms to a  sitting area that overlooks the beautiful Junior Olympic Swimming Pool  with its two-floor high window surround that look out over the  expansive grounds. Here you will also find the aforementioned hot tubs,  where relaxing and making new friends is just part of the Fox Harb’r  experience.

Fox Harb'r Suite Livingroom

Of course when visiting an all-suite luxury resort we expect to find the  finest in accommodations and at Fox Harb’r we were not disappointed,  either in the Clubhouse or Guest Suites. There are currently 48  Executive Suites, 24 Studio Suites, and 18 Town Houses. All of the  suites are beautifully appointed with contemporary designed furniture  with elegant accents. The bathrooms feature hydrotherapy tubs, many with views over the golf course, and heated bathroom floors along with  double sinks and glass enclosed rain-showers. Every amenity is provided  plus each suite has an outdoor seating patio with lounge furniture and  table and chairs for al fresco dining.

Fox Harb'r Townhouses

Fox Harb’r has over 250 local staff to cater to your every need, or support learning a new skill, or to simply leave you alone to relax and  revitalize. If you are staying at one of the Guest Suites or Town Houses you can walk, bike, or call for a ride to any of the facilities and  within minutes a smiling driver is there to take you wherever you want  to go.

Fox Harb'r Tomato Plants

Dining is a priority at Fox Harb’r and its world-class kitchen is overseen by  creative Executive Chef Shane Robilliard, who also happens to be one of  the most friendly and outgoing of chefs, eager to share his knowledge  and his tasty offerings with his guests. Chef Shane’s philosophy of  farm-to-table is extraordinaire. He, along with master horticulturist  Michael Stewart, has developed sustainable farming methods right on the  premises. So “locally grown” at Fox Harb’r is literal which gives Chef  Shane a change to experiment with tastes and flavors provided by the  ever innovative Michael Stewart.




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