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Czech Republic Chateau Mcely Exterior

Chateau Mcely
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Czech Republic

My recent trip to the Czech Republic ended with a brief stay at a lovely chateau just an hour’s drive from Prague in the rolling hills of the  verdant Czech countryside. Chateau Mcely Spa Hotel and Forest Retreat is a 5-star eco resort located in the Saint George Forest in the midst  of 12 acres of parkland and forest with hiking, jogging and bicycle  trails.

Each of the 23 rooms and/or suites was individually designed and decorated by Inez Cusumano.

Inez, along with her husband James A. Cusumano, acquired the Baroque castle which dates from the 17th century, and which over the years had been home to several aristocratic families. The Cusumano family rescued the noble building which had  fallen into disrepair, completely renovated it, and opened it as a  resort/retreat in May of 2006.

Not  only is the Chateau ultra chic, it is welcoming and family oriented,  encouraging families to bring their children and pets. Rooms are  arranged to accommodate little ones and animals are given their own  areas and amenities. There are many activities for young guests and on my brief stay several children and dogs (well-behaved I hasten to say)  were guests in the chateau and it was lovely to see how warmly the  formally attired staff reacted to their tiny guests.

Czech Republic Chateau Mcely Solarium with Birds

When I arrived early at the Chateau, my room was not yet ready and I was  ushered into the solarium and invited to have lunch. The attractive  space was encased in light pouring through the large windows enclosing  the room, and in one corner was a generous sized antique aviary in which brilliantly colored birds were singing. Having eaten just before  departing Prague for the drive to the chateau, I simply sat in the  overstuffed couches, had a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and admired the meticulously manicured English “park” through the windows.

Czech Republic Chateau Mcely Orient Suite

Still waiting for my room I had a chance to explore the artistically laid out chateau. Each floor has a designated theme with the rooms decorated to  correspond i.e. 1st floor wing “Floor of Worlds” with its Europe and Northern Seas Double  Rooms and Orient, Africa, Southern Seas and American Suites plus the  ultra luxurious Legend Suite; 2nd floor wing “Floor of Time”€ with rooms named for the months of the year and  the June, Mark Twain Wings of Fame and Princess Nely Suites (named for  the children’s book “Nely Princess of Chateau Mcely” created and written by the talented Inez Cusumano); 3rd floor wing holds the duplex Presidential Suite Agape with its wood  burning fireplace and interior circular wrought-iron staircase, a  balcony that overlooks the living room, fully equipped kitchen, and many other amenities.

Czech Republic Chateau Mcely Presidential Suite

Many of the rooms feature original parquet floors, crystal chandeliers,  antique furnishings and decorative arts. There is a library on the top  floor with outstanding views over the countryside and for the  adventurous; a climb up a ladder through a skylight will take you to the rooftop outdoors observatory.

In  addition to a relaxing retreat Chateau Mcely also has a philosophy of  “maximizing your personal and professional success” a policy of  individual improvement developed by James A. Cusumano. This makes it a  perfect retreat for business people to recharge and redefine their  professional practices. Cusumano also has designed three separate  leadership programs which can be arranged by visiting or  Four elegant  meeting spaces are available for up to 70 participants and the entire  chateau can be rented for the exclusive use of a group.

Czech Republic Chateau Mcely Spa Exterior

My personal reason for visiting was to experience the spa and while it was different then any other I had ever been to, nevertheless it was a  treat. Due to the landmark status of the building, the spa could not be  encased in one area so dedicated “Silk”€ and “Pearl” suites were set-up  on separate floors and it was not unusual to see bath-robed guests in  the halls heading towards one or the other of the therapy rooms. The one exception is the sauna, Jacuzzi and “Honey” suite which is just down  from the main building where there is also a natural swimming lake. The  Jacuzzi is outdoors and can be booked for private romantic nights under  the stars. My therapy treatment was the signature Mcely Bouquet aroma  massage in the “Honey” suite and Mrs. Hanka was my therapist.

Czech Republic Spa Products

All the herbs used are grown and processed on the property and are for sale from Inez Cusumano, after years of study and  experimentation developed an herb and cosmetic line that is mixed by  hand in small batches in their laboratory without the use of additives of any sort. Products are packaged in dark glass containers to guarantee a minimum one year shelf life. 

All spa treatments begin with a sage/salt leg-and-foot scrub and end with a sample of products used during the treatment presented on a tray that  you take to your room to be used during the duration of your stay. Mrs. Hanka concentrated on my back as I had asked her to do, and the massage  was perfectly wonderful. Afterwards she pointed out areas that needed to be attended to and I was impressed by her concern and her knowledge.  After the massage instead of soaking in the outdoor Jacuzzi as I had  planned I went directly back to my room for a rest to fully integrate  the beneficial effects of the treatment.

Czech Republic Chateau Mcely Breakfast

Once rested, I dressed for dinner in the formal, beautifully appointed  restaurant Piano Nobile, which has been rated as one of the top five in  the Czech Republic by Maurer’s Grand Restaurant Guide. Not only was  dinner a sumptuous affair with formal service and a piano-player but the breakfast buffet and menu were outstanding as well with extravagant  selections including a bowl of caviar set on a side board with smoked  salmon and other delicacies.

Czech Republic Chateau Mcely Ice Cream

Dinner began with an amuse bush of hollowed out baby potato stuffed with  chopped fresh veggies in a cream sauce, followed by a Thai soup that was spicy and flavorful, again with mixed veggies and cellophane noodles.  The entrée was a large portion of cod beautifully seasoned and cooked to perfection served on a bed of roasted potatoes in a white wine herb  sauce with sun dried tomatoes for accent. Desert was vanilla, chocolate  and caramel made-on-site ice cream topped with fresh fruit. I have been  an ice cream junkie all my life but that was without a doubt the best I  ever tasted; rich without being sweet, flavorful and creamy...

All in all, I can’t think of a better location to hold a wedding or  corporate event; the hotel is 5-star luxury, the grounds are both  landscaped and forest to please all comers, there are all manner of  activities plus the spa and of course the absolutely divine gastronomy.  Booked far enough in advance you can have the entire chateau and  gracious staff at your disposal... perfect.




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