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Tail-Gunner Joe

I’m old enough to remember one of the most disgraceful episodes of American history when a shameless, lying, politician tried single handedly to destroy America’s democracy with a “big lie smear campaign”  i.e. accusations  of Communism in every trusted American institution, even at the highest level of government.

And, I now see another, larger group of shameless politicians from the same political party, trying to do exactly the same thing. Their “Big Lie” is that the basis of our democracy, the individual vote, is not to be trusted; while they try to subvert the integrity of the vote themselves in every state they control.

This “Big Lie” is fostered by the well known womanizer, draft dodger, tax evader, bully ex-president who thinks that life is just a “reality show” where he is the star. Somehow he managed to convert the Republican party, from being a group of sane, fiscally responsible, right-leaning, patriotic individuals, to a treacherous mob in support of him.

And I still remember and see as applicable Army Council Joseph Welch’s question to Joseph McCarthy, and I ask the same question of Donald Trump and his current supporters and apologists in Congress.

“Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?” 




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