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Ranch La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta
Good Health Makes For The Ultimate Luxury Vacation

Someone told me, “Beg, borrow, or steal, but go to Rancho La Puerta”.  Were  they ever right! Rancho La Puerta is a 5-star resort about an hour and a half from San Diego, California. But Rancho has a special purpose:  health for body and mind. Yes, there’s a spa attached, but the goal of  Rancho is getting people to live stress-free and to remain in good  physical and mental shape long after they leave. Everything you do there leads to that.

Rancho is not like other places where you may be crowded around a big swimming pool with a cocktail bar in the middle or a resort with a golf course.  That’s not “their thing”.  Here people walk around smiling and saying  hello to strangers. Try that at your typical resort! Yes, there are  several tennis courts plus tennis clinics to improve your game. Yes,  here you’ll find five swimming pools and a host of activities that are  available each day at the Activity Pool. But as luxurious as Rancho may  be, it does not seem commercial, at all.

Rancho La Puerta Hike Trails

Let’s get down to why this has been the winner of Travel and Leisure’s  “World”s Best Destination Spa” award for several years in a row. Rancho  is spread out beautifully on uniquely landscaped pathways; you walk  through flowering gardens, cacti, and large waving grasses on the way to your room and to activities... passing sculptures and waterfalls and  perhaps some of those smiling people.

Rancho La Puerta Cassita

Since it’s in Tecate, Mexico, better known as Baja, California, villa rooms  have Mexican charm. That means bright colors on pillows and couches;  warm woods on Mexican colonial tables and cabinets, plus black wrought  iron touches. The villas are individual adobe buildings with terraces.   In fact, mine had two terraces; one with chaises, another with tables  and chairs. Our villa’s sofa and chairs faced a working fireplace.  That created a special warmth in many ways. We had two sinks in two  different places plus a tub and shower. A sink and a small refrigerator  create a kitchen area, complete with a special tap for the pure water  Rancho gets from the Colorado River. But you don’t come to Rancho to  hang out in your room, however spacious and comfy it may be.

People come to Rancho to get in shape, and the opportunities are endless. You can choose to start your day with one of a number of bracing hikes.  Take a different one every day and explore new terrain and find new  muscle groups! One takes you up spiritual (some say sacred) Mount  Kuchumaa; another, a Breakfast Hike leads over to the cooking school  where you get to see acres of carrots, potatoes, spinach, scallions,  apple and pear trees, and much more. And, there you’ll have a big  breakfast before hiking back. Too tired to hike anymore? A van will take you back to home base.

Rancho La Puerta Pilates

You’re back in time for exercise classes, and what an array. Classes are at  all skill levels taught by Rancho’s excellent, well-trained staff (they  have Phys Ed degrees). And these folks make classes like Stretch and  Relax and an acrobatic Cycle Class so much fun, you laugh your way  through. The week I was there, special guest instructors, from around  the U.S. and Canada, taught  Pilates and the challenging Bar Method.  They were held daily, progressing a bit each day. And what about crystal bowl sound healing for 45 minutes or balance class? Here are just a few more from Rancho’s weekly exercise menu: TRX (exercise while holding  onto straps suspended from the ceiling), Feldenkreis, Zumba, Nia, core  challenge, kettle bells (cannon balls with handles), strength training,  Open Gym, yoga in several forms... even sand volleyball.

What’s fun is that you get to try new things and get fit at the same time. So  now you’ve worked out like a fiend and are screaming for relief. Rancho  has two spas plus all the requisite Jacuzzis, showers, and more that you could wish. They offer massages, scrubs, facials, nail and hair care  and on and on. My favorite treatment was a Watsu massage in 98 degree water, just me and the Watsu expert, in a quiet pool under swaying palm trees.

Rancho La Puerta Yoga Hike

While you’re getting your body in shape, there’s plenty for your mind. Or, if you like, only develop your mind. The week I was there, Rancho had a  hypnotist, who was helping guests get over fears, lose, weight, and  sleep better. The entire week included classes in meditation that  seemed to be changing people’s lives. There were programs on “Self Care  for the Caregiver”. And there was a pain therapist, who got excellent  results. NPR host Linda Wertheimer comes every year to discuss political affairs, and members of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra have a week  there, too. Another week a psychologist led workshops on sleep and ran  dream circles.  

There is also an array of art classes at the Art Studio... sculpture, painting, jewelry-making, and that’s just in one week. Guest instructors, clever and creative, get participants to do surprisingly good work. But what  really matters is the satisfaction the guests get from doing this. They  talk about it at meals.

Rancho La Puerta Hot Chocolate

Speaking of meals, Rancho has cornered the market on outstanding creative  cuisine. This is healthful vegetarian cooking with a strong Mexican  accent.  And did I mention it’s delicious and wins awards? Rancho serves organic ultra-fresh food: picked in the morning, served to you at lunch and dinner. The resort grows their own vegetables and fruit right at  the ranch... acres of it. Room rates include three generous meals (but  low-calorie ones) plus mid-morning smoothies and afternoon snacks (eat  your veggies!).  At dinner, there are generous portions of fish, and  there always is a vegetarian alternative at any meal.  Shrimp tacos  anyone?  Are you gluten-free? They’ve got you covered. And how about  for dessert Rancho’s hot chocolate and a sandy cookie or a sweet little  piece of cheesecake? (Desserts are made with non-sugared agave sweetener.) Of course, there is always fruit; just ask your waiter.  About the only item all week that wasn’t good was the sangria, served at the Meet and Greet and the Final Night Meal Celebration.

 I asked for half portions to help slim me down, but if that’s not your  goal, you can get seconds and thirds -- whatever you like. Rancho  recently added Bazaar del Sol, complete with an outdoor terrace, where  you can quaff award-winning Mexican wines and outstanding brewed  coffee. (Get your latte or cappuccino fix there.)

Cooking class at Rancho’s La Cocina Que Canta, a few miles away from the main  ranch, turned out to be marvelously fun and convivial. People had been  buzzing about it, so I tried a class. We made dinner as a group, after  Chef Denise Roa talked with us about the best knives to use and gave  demonstrations of how to chop and dice and peel.  Then we went at it. In pairs, at 20 cooking “stations”, we prepped and cooked our elaborate  dinner. We dined buffet style at two long tables, a super meal,  complete with a delicioso Mexican rosé wine. It was teamwork by an avid bunch of overachievers, with a  little help from our friends... the kitchen staff. Coconut almond cookies, gluten-free, topped off the meal. Everyone left with a complete  portfolio of the recipes we made plus a serious but super-attractive  cooking apron.

Rancho La Puerta Weddding Cake

Weddings:  La Cocina Que Canta is such a romantic setting, with lovely flowering  outdoor spaces, that it lends itself to weddings. And that has now  become possible. You can have just a few people or 120. Food  possibilities are almost endless. Choose menus that range from  vegetarian to rack of lamb. Rancho can arrange for transport from San  Diego for the day or for overnight accommodations in Tecate or at the  ranch. They can take care of music, photographers, flowers, and more. It seems like a memorably healthy way to start a marriage.

There is so much to say about Rancho, but I’ll just mention its kind, helpful and respectful staff, and the soothing sounds and inner peace that I  felt after a week. People who come to Rancho generally choose to come  again. (Over 65% come a second time or more.) So many returnees. So  many smiling faces.  All of it: the location, the architecture, the  landscape, the food, the people. The ranch speaks of the magic of the  place, and deservedly so. Rancho even offers a session on “Taking Home the Ranch” with tips on “how to continue what you’ve learned and keep the new healthy habits you’ve made back in everyday life”.

Muchas Gracias, Rancho La Puerta!




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