2017 Gift Guide


By the Staff

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

How time flies. It feels like just last week it was 70 degrees and now I’m working on our Holiday Gift Guide… oh, it was 70 degrees just last week! So it’s not time that flies but the changing weather patterns that cause the holidays to sneak up on us. For this year’s guide I am concentrating on stocking stuffer items that not only help the women in our lives nourish and sustain healthy skin but also maintain their youthful appearance. 


With that in mind, I had the opportunity to experience a series of products and services at the ISPA (International Spa Association) Conference & Expo event held in New York City last summer. I was treated to an anti-wrinkle express facial from HydroPeptide®, one of my favorite product lines, using their new Nimni Cream, a collagen support complex that improves cellular health. HydroPeptide® products achieve noticeable results and they now offer essential products in a 5-piece travel set that includes Cleansing Gel to cleanse and tone, 5X Power Peel to clarify and brighten, Lumapro-C pigment corrector, and Solar Defense broad spectrum SPF50. Visit their website for special offers and deals on all their products https://hydropeptide.com/


A new to me product line that impressed me was Sanitas. Scientifically developed and formulated in Boulder, Colorado, these skincare products are of the highest quality and performance is assured if my initial treatment was any indication. After a mini-facial at the ISPA event I experienced softening and brightening of my face. Their product line is extensive including everything you need for a total beauty regiment. For a complete list of products visit http://www.sanitas-skincare.com/

Alpha Blu

Alpha Blu is another innovative skin care regime that has uses cutting-edge technology in their skin care products. During clinical medical stem cell research, BHI (Blue Horizon International) found that by applying the restorative methods of human stem cells to cosmetic products they could improve both skin firmness and elasticity. Made in Germany there are currently four products in the line: day cream, night cream, eye cream and serum, available individually or in a travel pack. For details visit http://alphabluskincare.com/


Now for something completely different: Nourish, Condition and Revitalize your eyebrows with EES™ (Essential Eyebrow Solution). For the women with lost or thinning brows or for anyone who needs brow enhancement, here is a product that works. The solution is applied twice daily with a cotton swab and in literally a few days you will see improvement… not miracles but noticeable thickening. I have been using EES™ for more than a month and am happy with the result so far and anticipate continuing improvement. EES™ is infused with natural botanical black cohosh in a patented formula that is safe and non-irritating, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, ph balanced and dermatologist recommended. http://esssentialeyebrowsolution.com/

EMME DIANE eye-set

For a complimentary eye product that comes to us from EMME DIANE, a California cosmetologist, Bright Eyed Serum and Hydra-Revive Eye Crème work in combination to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Simply pat the Bright Eyed Serum under the eyes and allow it to fully absorb into the delicate tissue. The Hydra-Revive Eye Cream is applied on top to seal in moisture and viola a fresh youthful look. For product information visit, https://www.emmediane.com/eye-treatment/bright-eyed-serum-and-hydra-revive-cream-set/


We are all aware of essential oils and how they can infuse our lives with fragrance and health benefits. Airomé offers a full line of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and a selection of handsome delivery systems that ultrasonically diffuse aromatherapy into our environment. For a list of their complete line of oils and diffusers visit https://airome.com/

Red Grill Pan

Although I am focusing this holiday mainly on cosmetic products that every woman would benefit from using, there is a more basic item that I want to mention for the home: Swiss Diamond Nonstick Cookware! These Swiss made nonstick pans are of the highest quality, come in a variety of surfaces, and look as good as they perform. I love my beautiful deep red (Rubis Rouge) cast iron square Grill pan. Yes cast iron is heavy but it grills meats to perfection and if used properly cleans up in a snap. Cooking properly means medium heat, no sharp instruments, using minimal oil (no nonstick spays) and storing with protection between stacked pans. For a list of the Swiss Diamond complete line of cookware visit https://www.swissdiamond.com


For my last non-cosmetic stocking stuffer item is a novelty that hopefully will appeal to all chocolate lovers amongst our readers. Let Them Eat Candles™ is a handcrafted edible chocolate candle perfect for any occasion that includes a cake, pie or cupcake offering. Each box contains three delicious decorative candles fashioned out of high quality chocolate. Of course you must remove the wick after a maximum 60 second burn and before consuming the chocolate candle. For design and purchasing information visit http://www.letthemeatcandles.com/retail-sales/

Mini Crate

A must-have for the man in your life, is an interesteng collection of grooming products to tame the most wild facial hair imaginable with a clean shave. The line is called the Man Crate and comes in a  plywood box with a miniature crowbar to facillitate opening. There are three versions of the crate: the Smooth Face Mini Crate, the Clean Shave Crate, and the Straight Edge Shaving Kit. The difference is that the first one comes with all the necessary products for a great shave but no razor or brush; the second comes with a chrome razor that uses blades and a badger brush; and the last comes with an old fashioned, hand-made, streight razor made in Solingen, Germany, a badger brush and a leather strop to sharpen the streight razor. There are all kinds of Crates, including ones with savory foods, but we thought that the Shaving Crates are exceptional. http://www.mancrates.com/store/categories/crates .




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