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May is the month when flowering trees are in full bloom; the air is permeated with fragrance, and the sounds of coughing and sneezing can be heard throughout the land. It’s also the month when we honor our Mothers and other cherished women in our lives. This year we have searched out a few gift suggestions a bit off the beaten track to add to the de rigueur delivery of flowers and candy and are concentrating on anti-aging products that use natural, non-toxic with scientifically proven healing ingredients to aid in reviving and restoring the skins youthful appearance. After all, none of us are getting any younger but in today’s world there is no reason that we can’t look like we are!

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare

First off, Christie Brinkley™ Authentic Skincare, the super model known for her healthy natural look for decades, has managed to maintain her beautiful complexion and youthful radiance with products she is now selling under her name. Christie Brinkley™ Complete Clarity Daily Facial Exfoliating Polish removes built up dead skin cells, dirt and oil imbedded in pores and helps promote skin cell turnover for a cleaner, clearer more radiant look. It is slightly gritty to the touch but that’s what helps clean and polish. Remarkably it is non- irritating, is 100% Vegan and Gluten-free. Once skin has been cleaned apply Christie Brinkley™ Recapture 360 + IR Defense or Recapture Day + IR Defense, and at night use Recapture 360 Night. These rich creamy moisturizers really make a difference that is visible to the naked eye on first application. Recapture Day is SPf 30 and has received the seal of approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation. Products can be found at Kohls, are remarkably affordable or can be ordered on line at:

goodcarma face cream

Another product that seems almost impossible to deliver on its promise but blew me away with the results is Good Karma Skincare’s Lux 7™ Anti-Aging Facial Line. That this 4-in-1 face cream is a daily moisturizer, skin-refining serum, eye cream and night cream all rolled into one seems impossible, but it really works and results are visible within a matter of days. The Lux 7™ products contain a proprietary blend of seven organic, cold-pressed oils that they claim and I quote “our antioxidant-rich, ultra-moisturizing formula is designed to transform the appearance and texture of your complexion” and it does! It comes in two different formulations, one for Normal-Oily complexion and the other for Norma-Dry complexion. In fact, Good Karma has an entire line of anti-aging products that I can’t wait to experience for myself.  For product information and where to purchase visit:


And while we are on the subject of healthy, rejuvenating skin care products, Columbia Skincare Company might revolutionize the industry with their products. Columbia is not a cosmetic company but a 145 year old skincare company - perhaps the oldest in the country – dedicated to healing damaged skin.  Columbia has been in the forefront of scientific investigation for the rejuvenation of burned and damaged skin. During their research they found that combinations of probiotics, plant stem cells and amino acid peptides, have the unique ability to enhance the skin’s natural capacity to renew itself. Columbia has addressed skincare not as a cosmetic issue but essentially as a health issue and has released two products with this in mind. Columbia Skincare Company Probiotic Concentrate and Probiotic Complex, the resulting products, are currently available only directly through the manufacturer.


MyChelle is another skincare company that is dedicated to providing the healing benefits of antioxidant protection with their products. MyChelle Quick Clean Miceller Water purifies as it gently cleans in a single step and is infused with fruit extracts and botanicals to aid in hydration and at the same time provides a protective barrier against pollutants and damaging free radicals. MyChelle Perfect C™ PRO Serum contains the well-proven benefits of Vitamin C to improve skin texture and brighten complexions. MyChelle Sun Shield Liquid Tint with a SPF 50 for maximum UVA/UVB broad-spectrum sun protection comes in two shades and can be worn alone or used as a primer under foundation. MyChelle products can be purchased at select Health Food stores or on-line at


Now for a product line that heals and nurtures from the inside. Boiron® Homeopathic Medicines has a solution for more than 420 symptoms of distress in 15 separate categories. Products are dispensed in tiny pellets contained in a capsule that can easily be carried with you whether at home or traveling to reduce symptoms of respiratory distress, skin or eye irritation, fatigue, muscle pain, digestive problems and dozens more. Google Boiron® Medicine Finder and look for what ails you, you will be directed to the recommended solution. Homeopathic medicines are like the “hair of the dog” diluted plants, animals and minerals that relieve the same symptoms they cause at full strength. The expression was a medieval superstition treatment for placing the hair of the rabid dog that bit you in the wound to heal the condition but it has become a popular idiom used to cure a hangover by imbibing a small amount of the drink that caused it. Boiron® also has an entire line of essential oils and natural products that can be used to replace chemical household solutions that are toxic to us and to our environment. Products can be found nationwide in health food and vitamin stores or online at

So Happy Mother’s Day and stay healthy and youthful.




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