Story and photos by Barbara Angelakis
Recipe translation by Gabriella Venezia, trevisoguide@hotmail.com

Treviso alle Beccherie

The Original Tiramis¨

On my recent fact-finding trip to Treviso Italy (see Destinations)  I was introduced to the city’s proud claim to fame as the place where Tiramis¨ was first created. It seems that in 1970 Rosa Campeol, the owner and head cook at a small restaurant and sweet shop called Le Beccherie in Piazza Ancilotto, just behind the Piazza de Signori in the center of Treviso, needed a “pick me up” (pick me up is the actual translation of the word tiramis¨). She created the recipe and, to use 2015 terminology, it went viral becoming a favorite sweet world-wide.

Original Tiramis˙

The home of Tiramis¨ has just undergone a complete revamp but it is still in the same location where it has been since 1935, and it is no longer owned by the Campeol family, but their famous dessert lives on, and in fact an updated version has been created. 


The new version is called “Scomposto” and while it was beautiful to behold and delicious to taste, the original still won our hearts.

The recipe for 6 persons follows.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

500g fresh mascarpone cheese
4 eggs
170g sugar
4 cups of coffee (in the US it is espresso, in Italy it is brewed/filtered coffee)
24 lady fingers (in Italian ladyfingers are called Savoiardi) and are hard with sugar crystals on top
tsp. powdered bitter cocoa
salt to taste
175 ml Rum or to taste


Separate the eggs, whites in one bowl, and yokes in second bowl
Whip egg whites frothy
Whisk the yokes with 150g of sugar until they are a soft straw-yellow color
Add the mascarpone cheese to yokes and sugar and stir
Add the rum and the whipped egg whites and gently mix until absorbed

Prepare the coffee. Add balance of sugar and 4 tsp. of water and pour in a flat bottom bowl
Quickly dip the ladyfingers one at a time in the coffee and lay in the bottom of a rectangular pan packed close together
Cover the first layer of biscuits with the mascarpone cream and continue the process until all lady fingers are in pan covered with mascarpone cream
Final layer must be mascarpone cream
Put the pan of tiramis¨ in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours

Just before serving, sprinkle with powdered unsweetened cocoa




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